About Us

Our Mission – To bring out deals for our customers, direct form factory /warehouse/closeout.
Our Vision – To empower new business startups and small shopkeepers.

How “Factorydeals.org” idea born?

We noticed that there is a communication gap between factories and buyers. its a tough job for buyers to locate a factory and then communicate with them for their requirement.
“Factorydeals.org” understand the buyer’s requirement and works with manufacturers to execute order in time and satisfaction.

Why factorydeals.org?

We stand with quality of products on “factorydeals.org” and ensure our buyers are 100% satisfied with our services and products.

What Factorydeals.org do?

“Factorydeals.org” negotiates with manufacturers best price for their buyers.
Takes care of buyer’s orders
Buyers receives the order in good condition.
keeps buyer updated on his order.

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