Coleman Multifuel Camping Stove

Coleman Multifuel Camping Stove

12,000.00 9,490.00

Coleman Dual Fuel 1 Burner Stove

• Boils a litre of water in 4 minutes
• Dual fuel technology
• Stove works on Kerosene or Petrol
• Powerful, 10,500 BTU
• Built-in pot support and wind protection
• Filter funnel included
• Perfect for camping, great for emergency preparedness

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Cook breakfast, lunch and dinner in any weather—hot or cold—on the single-burner, fully-adjustable Coleman Sportster II Liquid Dual Fuel Stove. The cooking surface is compact enough to fit inside a pack, but large enough to prepare a trail meal. With the option of using Kerosene or Petrol, the Sportster II stove is less expensive to fire up. The all-season stove is perfect for camping, hunting and even in cases of emergency.



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